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Croydon courthouse interior

The True Blue Visitor Information Centre provides a map of the Croydon Heritage Precinct, which consists of Police Sergeant’s Residence c. 1898, Police Station and Gaol c. 1896, Court House c.1887 and Croydon Town Hall c.1890.  The four heritage buildings are open and free for visitors to enjoy.

The heritage-listed Courthouse is the oldest building in Croydon. Enjoy listening to a court case from 1902 which will take you back in time. Last court held was in 1926. Wander through the back rooms and take in the atmosphere of the former Goldfields Administration Office.

Photographic displays and museum artefacts tell the story of Croydon at the Police Station with the Gaol directly behind it. Don’t wake the prisoner!

The Town Hall is a favourite with photographers and stores early film equipment which is still in use. Today the Town Hall is used as a Picture Theatre, Dance Hall and Live Music and Travelling Show venue.

During the gold rush, the streets were lit by kerosene lamps. Four originals forged in Croydon and replicas of these lights line the sandstone-kerbed streets around the heritage precinct area and throughout the rest of the town.

Croydon Shire proudly promotes its history through the restoration and conservation of historical sites such as the Iguana Consul Mining Museum, old Tabletop school building, Chinese temple archaeological site and the heritage listed Croydon Cemetery which has operated since 1885. The old graves reveal the severe hardship of life on outback goldfields.

The Croydon Centre Supermarket and Café is on the site of the old Masonic Hall and the old original Hospital Male Ward (1887) has been relocated and restored for use as a community centre (SES Building).

The Club Hotel built in 1887 has retained its historic flavour in old style rooms, atmosphere and the rough and tumble ways of outback towns.

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