Croydon is part of the Gulf Country and The Savannah Way’s rich and diverse eco system.  There is an abundance of birdlife on The Savannah Way at Croydon, which can be seen around the Lake Belmore environs and at various waterholes scattered along the roadsides.  Ask for a local bird listing at the Visitor Information Centre located on the corner of Samwell & Alldridge Streets, in the township of Croydon.

The nature of the land can be felt firsthand during afternoon bird watching expeditions or long relaxing walks around Croydon’s many interesting attractions. The Gulf Country and Savannah Way’s rich and diverse eco system, has an abundance of birdlife, which some can be seen in and around Lake Belmore and the township.   This area is a birdwatcher’s paradise with the savannah providing swampland, open grass plains, bushland and extensive waterways.  Croydon is renowned for the flocks of pink and grey galahs that live in and around the town area. 

A bird hide is located near the recreational facilities and overlooking the beautiful Lake Belmore shoreline, photographers both visiting & local are encouraged to utilise the hide especially during the drier seasons of the year when a prolific number of bird life visit the cool friendly waters.

Birds of the Savannah Way at Croydon Queensland PDF