Road Conditions

Croydon Shire Council Road Condition Report

Last updated 24 April 2019 at 12:10pm

Road Open Closed Restrictions Comments

Gulf Developmental Road - State Controlled Road

Croydon to Normanton Open      
Croydon to Georgetown Open    


Croydon to Richmond - Matilda Byway

Croydon to Esmeralda Station Open      
Esmeralda Station to Woodstock Station Open      
Woodstock Station to Richmond Shire Boundary Open      

Croydon to Richmond Road via Claraville Station

Croydon to Claraville Station Open      
Claraville Station to Prospect Station        
Prospect Station to Richmond Road T intersection Open      

Croydon to Yappar River Station

Croydon to Guildford Station Open      
Guildford Station to Coralie Station Open      
Coralie Station to Yappar River Station Open      


Open with caution localised rainfalls can cause flash flooding.

When travelling on roads within Croydon Shire please pay particular attention to floodways and river crossings as road conditions can change without warning. Drive to prevailing conditions.

If you are unsure about road conditions please call Croydon Shire Council on 07 4748 7100.