Explore the Gulf Savannah region, stretching from the Atherton Tablelands to the Northern Territory border, encompassing towns like Georgetown, Croydon, Karumba, Normanton, Burketown, and Doomadgee. Classified as 'very remote,' these towns boast unique identities tied to beef cattle production, fishing, and burgeoning tourism.

In 2019, Arts Queensland and the Regional Arts Services Network initiated a project to create large-scale artworks, telling regional stories through collaborative efforts. CQUniversity, in 2021, took the lead in managing the Art Trail project. Community workshops over three years shaped narratives, engaging local artists, including First Nations artists like Siyesha Douglas, Krystal Spencer, and Kelly Barclay.

Croydon's Cultural Connection: The Returning Boomerang

Croydon, nestled on Tagalaka land, boasts a rich heritage from its gold rush days. The Heritage Precinct preserves 19th-century goldfields' history, while Lake Belmore offers a tranquil oasis. The community's narrative reflects Tagalaka lands as a timeless meeting place, symbolised by the cyclical departure and return depicted in the Returning Boomerang sculpture. This iconic artwork serves as a beacon, recognising the diverse contributions of First Nations People, Chinese and South-East Asian migrants, and women to Croydon's past, present, and future.