After School Care

Outside School Hours Care

Croydon OSHC Philosophy

  • We recognise that all children and their families are a valuable part of our Shire's present and future. We believe providing quality child care to allow parents the opportunity to partake in regular employment to help maintain the Shire's economic growth.
  • We believe all children should be cared for in a clean, safe and welcoming environment. We recognize that we live in a multicultural community and that all children and their families are unique and should be treated with respect.
  • We believe each child deserves the opportunity for play, exploration and development of self.
  • We believe all children should be supported in developing their personality and creativity as well as their emotional, intellectual, lingual, social and physical abilities to their fullest potential.
  • We are committed to policies and procedures that support the relationship between staff, parents, carers and members of the wider community so they have the opportunity to communicate their ideas, feelings and concerns in an atmosphere of respectful consultation.  Equal opportunity and justice for all people.

Service Goals

The Croydon OSHC aim to provide a quality service for the Children where:

  • Equal opportunity is promoted in all aspects of operation and where staff take care to reflect the multicultural nature of our community and foster self esteem and confidence in all children.
  • They are welcomed into a warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere each day.
  • Behaviour is guided in a positive way. Play is valued, recognized and encouraged
  • They are involved in planning activities and experiences that provide for their needs, interests and abilities and nurture their social, emotional, intellectual, creative and physical development.
  • Receive care that promotes and protects their health and safety.

The Croydon OSHC aim to provide a quality service for families and community links where:

  • Ideas, feelings and concerns are received with respect and responded to with interest.
  • Community needs are recognized and met where appropriate.
  • Parent participation in the management and activities of the Croydon OSHC is effective, encouraged and valued.
  • Croydon Shire Council maintains effective strategies for communicating with families.
  • The Croydon OSHC aim to provide a quality service for our staff where:
  • In-house communication is effective with each staff member displaying professionalism, teamwork and mutual respect
  • They can work in a safe environment where occupational health and safety are promoted.
  • They are supported by receiving orientation, induction, professional development and information regarding support groups.
  • Essential equipment and resources are provided.
  • Complaints and grievance procedures are adhered to.

Croydon Outside School Hours Care - Enrolment Form

Nominee, Coordinators and Staff of Croydon Shire Council Outside School Hours Care:

Chief Executive Officer (Service Nominee)

  • 47 487 100 (office)
  • 0400 487 125 (mobile)

After School Care Coordinator

  • 47 487 180 (OSHC office)
  • 0448 456 025 (OSHC mobile)

License & Accreditation Information

  • Licence Number: 13273
  • Licensee: Croydon Shire Council, CROYDON, 4871
  • Service Name: Croydon Shire Council Outside School Hours Care
  • Service Address: Doris Casey Hall Cnr Brown & William Streets, CROYDON, QLD

Office of Early Childhood, Education and Care: Information Service – 1800 637 711

Croydon Shire Council Outside School Hours Care is Accredited under Outside School Hours Care Quality Assurance for outside school hours care services

  • NCAC Ref.: RC2599
  • Visit No.: VC10319
  • Licensee Address: PO Box 17, Croydon QLD 4871