The Biosecurity Act 2014 sets out the legal framework for the management of invasive plants and animals across the state of Queensland. The Act contains key functions, tools and powers to shape roles and shared responsibility amoung stakeholders.

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014:

  • (s23) General Biosecurity Obligations: All persons who deal with Invasive Biosecurity Matter or a carrier, or carries out an activity that poses or is likely to pose a biosecurity risk, of causing a biosecurity event to a biosecurity consideration has a General Biosecurity Obligation. Obligated persons must take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimise the biosecurity risk and adverse effect to that biosecurity consideration.

  • (s48) Local Government is responsible for ensuring invasive biosecurity matter is managed within its Local Government Area, in compliance with the Act.

  • (s53) Local Government must have a biosecurity plan in place for the management of Invasive Biosecurity Matter within its Local Government Area.

  • (s54) A written or electronic copy of the Local Government biosecurity plan must be made available for inspection, free of charge, for members of the public, at the Local Government public office.


Croydon Shire Biosecurity Plan 2019

The Croydon Biosecurity PLan 2019 has been developed by Gulf Catchments Biosecurity and Agribusiness Innovations and is inclusive of critical planning concepts identified within the North West Regional Biosecurity Strategy "The NW Vision".

The Croydon Biosecurity Plan 2019 is available HERE.


Both the Animals and Plant Incentive Programs are in the Croydon Biosecurity Plan 2019, they are listed separately for ease of access.

The Croydon Pest Animals Incentive Program is available HERE.

The Croydon Pest Plant Incentive Program is available HERE.



North West Queensland Regional Biosecurity Plan - Public Consultation

We now invite written submissions for the North Westion Queensland Regional Biosecurity Plan.

All submissions are to be received by 5pm on Tuesday 1 November 2022. 

Please direct submissions to [email protected] with the Subject: Regional Biosecurity Plan.

The draft North West Queensland Regional Biosecurity Plan is available HERE.