Your journey to Croydon is part of a fantastic experience whether you’re coming Cairns where you can stop at so many places on the way with so many different experiences it is quite unique ranging from village in the rain forest to coffee and food and natural wonders.

If your plan is come up the inland route on the Matilda Way and head back south using a different route make Croydon a place to stay and enjoy what Croydon has to offer. We have heritage we history, you can make your own adventure here and enjoy the relax and friendly outback approach to life.

  • One of the best ways to come to Croydon is on the Savannah Way through Kuranda, Mareeba, Atherton, Mt Surprise, Georgetown then Croydon. Travelling out here it’s about the journey rather than a particular destination.

    The Savannah Way:

    Kuranda is known as the “Village in the Rainforest” and has many great attractions including Kuranda Heritage Markets, Kuranda Scenic Railway and the Sky Rail.

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    Mareeba if you love coffee, Mareeba can be a great place to go with a number of Coffee Plantations located in the area combine this with many other great food experiences, it will be different experience on your Savannah Way journey. The surrounding area has many great attractions to visit 

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    Next part of your journey is all about what nature wonders, this includes Innot Hot Springs,  Undara Lava Tubes and Cobbold Gorge all totally different experiences.

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    Don’t have a car

    Well that’s ok, a family bus company Trans North Bus and Coach runs  a bus service to all of the towns on the Savannah Way from Cairns also with stops at Undara as well.

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  • Travelling along the Matilda Way  or National Route 83 you will come across the Burke and Wills Road, no doubt worth stopping at. The Burke development Road is sealed and will bring you towards Normanton where you can see Krys the Croc the largest Croc ever shot. Whilst up this way should take the time to go to Karumba which is known for its sunsets and fishing. A number of tours are also available at Karumba. The road from Normanton too Croydon is dual lane and only in the wet season my experience short closures for a day or two. As with all roads out this way watch out for cattle and roos.

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  • With a distance of about 500 km’s you pass through Richmond on the way, Hughenden to Richmond is part of the Australia Dinosaur Trail. There are dirt sections on Richmond Road to Croydon and road conditions should be checked after heavy rain or during the Wet season.

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  • Leaving on route 63, which is part of the “Great Inland Way which is pretty straight forward drive with sealed roads the whole way. There will single line tar sections. There are various road houses along the way to get fuel. After turning right on Kennedy Development Road you will come across “The Lynd Oasis Roadhouse” you have two choices continue along a sealed Kennedy development Road and turning left at Gulf Development Road and joining the Savannah Way or you can take dirt road to Einasleigh and continue on to Forsyth and why in the area do Cobbold Gorge.  Before taking the dirt road check on local road conditions at the roadhouse or on or

    Travelling on the Gulf Development road which is sealed but with single lane section is generally and all weather road but closures do occur for short periods after heavy local falls. Fuel is available at Mount Surprise and Georgetown. Please refer to From Cairns link for information on other attractions.

  • Croydon and the Outback can be a totally different experience in the wet season, especially January and February when the most rainfall occurs. The pastures turn green, the water holes fill up and the creeks and rivers flow. These days with improved roads, Croydon is rarely cut-off for any period of time. Coming from Cairns and Georgetown, there can be occasional short road closures. From Normanton, it may be a day or two. Drivers should be aware that localised flooding may occur after heavy rain.

    Temperatures in January and February can be slightly cooler than December or March and humidity in the region isn't too bad as it is a drier heat. When the storm fronts come through, you may experience some pretty amazing lightening shows.

    Use local Council Road Conditions reports and use the Bureau of Meteorology River Conditions Reports

    Access Local Council Road Conditions Reports


    Water Holes fill up

    Water holes fill up jpg


    The Rivers flow

    The rivers flow in the wet jpg