Croydon and the Outback can be a totally different experience in the wet season, especially January and February when the most rainfall occurs. The pastures turn green, the water holes fill up and the creeks and rivers flow. These days with improved roads, Croydon is rarely cut-off for any period of time. Coming from Cairns and Georgetown, there can be occasional short road closures. From Normanton, it may be a day or two. Drivers should be aware that localised flooding may occur after heavy rain.

Temperatures in January and February can be slightly cooler than December or March and humidity in the region isn't too bad as it is a drier heat. When the storm fronts come through, you may experience some pretty amazing lightening shows.

Use local Council Road Conditions reports and use the Bureau of Meteorology River Conditions Reports

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Water Holes fill up

Water holes fill up jpg


The Rivers flow

The rivers flow in the wet jpg