Child Care

Croydon Child Care Centre

53 Brown St Croydon 4871
PO Box 17 Croydon QLD 4871
Phone: 47487170 
Mobile: 0428 456 212

Service Provider: Croydon Shire Council
Service Provider No: SE-40006032
Licence Date: 21st March 2016 Ongoing
Service Approval Number: SE-40006032


The centre is fully accredited and is licensed for 21 children in a mixed age grouping.

Hours: 8:15am to 4.45pm Monday to Friday
Ages: from Birth to 5 years

$ 55.00 Full day

$ 33.00 Half day both morning and afternoon sessions available


Morning Session 8.15am- 12.30pm
Afternoon Sessions 12.30pm- 4.45pm

CCB and CCR Rebates available


Centre Goals

To provide a service that offers developmentally appropriate programs in a happy, safe and calm environment. Responding to the needs and abilities of each individual child, to ensure access and equity for all children and families within the community.

Croydon Childcare Centre Philosophy

The Croydon Child Care Centre endeavours to provide an interest based developmentally appropriate program for individual children and groups. The new Early Learning Years Framework that has been developed as a national standard is in place at the Centre.

The program is play based with a range of experiences available for the children throughout the day. The program environment will stimulate and encourage development in social, emotional, gross & fine motor, language, music and cognitive abilities for every child. We encourage input from the children for the program at all times.

We believe that children learn best through play. We will endeavor to meet the needs of the child’s natural curiosity by providing opportunities for the children to experiment, problem solve and discover the world around them. Your child’s individual needs will be met throughout their time at the service. The program is flexible and is easily altered to suit the needs of all the children.

Parental involvement is key points to ensuring children’s needs are met at the Centre. Programming will include at least one item of parent input each week. Parents are encouraged to share their cultural experiences and backgrounds to create a well-rounded curriculum for the children.

Staff will communicate the daily play experiences to family members through a written statement.

Staff respect and value the individual child’s ideas and explore new areas of interest with the children. Staff communicates respectfully to the children through role modelling at all times.