Other Services Other Services

Croydon Hospital  (07) 4748 7000.  Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm (closed for lunch from 12pm to 2pm) Weekends emergencies only. No pharmacy available - emergency supplies only. Various other health services are provided e.g. Dentist, Counselling, Child Health.

Croydon Police Station (07) 4745 6231

SES 132 500

Tow Service (07) 4745 6163

ATM  located at the Croydon Centre Supermarket

Post Office located at the Gulf Gate Roadhouse 18 Samwell Street Croydon Phone (07) 4745 6169

Public Phones located outside the Croydon Centre Supermarket, the Gulf Gate Roadhouse, Airport and at the Railway Station

Public Toilets  Opposite Club Hotel in Reese Park, Lake Belmore Recreation Area, the Railway Station, the Tennis Courts, the rear of the Town Hall and the True Blue Visitor Information Centre.

Community Swimming Pool Opposite Croydon State School. Please enquire at Council office for access.

Aerodrome  Click here for Details