Croydon Social Harmony Banner Croydon Social Harmony Banner


Croydon Social Harmony Banner
Croydon Shire Council
The 2010 International Council of Museums’ (ICOM) theme is Museums for Social Harmony.
The basis of social harmony lies in dialogue, tolerance, coexistence and development – ‘to agree but to stand out, to look for common ground but to keep the difference’.
Croydon is a perfect fit for this theme and has participated by creating a Social Harmony Banner. The banner will be carried in the Poddy Dodgers Parade and displayed in venues around Croydon – such as in the heritage buildings, at the Railway Station, at the School, the Council or wherever it is appropriate.
It will show solidarity and independence as each component will stand alone but be united as a whole. The banner will be a canvas mosaic of life in Croydon.
Each group was given a canvas square – 66cm x 66cm and had to decide on a symbol or picture that represented its function in Croydon. The second challenge was to paint it using special banner paints.
Croydon Social Harmony Banner Categories
Carney’s Sport Club and Health and Fitness
Croydon Hospital
Tagalaka Aboriginal Corporation
Croydon State School and Cairns School of Distance Education
Child Care Centre and Playgroup
Emergency Services – Police, SES, Rural Fire Service
Commerce – Croydon Businesses
Croydon Shire Council
Cattle Industry
Croydon Rodeo and Campdraft Association
Croydon Outside School Hours Care
Croydon Arts Society
Country Women’s Association and St Margaret’s Church
Croydon Boating and Fishing Club Inc.
Croydon Shire Council’s Heritage, Culture and Tourism Unit is coordinating the project.
For further information contact Jana on 4748 7100.